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Services - Mining, Oil & Gas

An east-coast company is acquiring synergistic companies servicing/supplying the resources sector. The aim is to integrate some of the functions of the individual companies whilst retaining the identity, management and core competencies of each company. Extra capital to fund growth will be provided.

They are seeking quality companies with earnings in the range $2 million to $15 million EBIT. The management group will pay full cash with the option of shares in the new entity.

This presents business owners with an ideal opportunity to take out cash, continue working, have the company growth funded by a financially powerful group, and to share in the spoils of an IPO.

For a strictly confidential discussion, please telephone Ken Bertram on (08) 8333 3752 or email


An east-coast Private Equity Company is seeking a winery in Australia capable of producing and distributing 100,000 dozen bottles per annum. The aim is to enter the market and acquire similar size or smaller wineries to establish a strong market in Australia and overseas.


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