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Spring is here, everything is alive. For Chanel Bags, this year the most outstanding color bags, a lot of fashion magazines and fashion media have predicted this spring and summer fashion trends bags, color, undoubtedly become the focus of this spring and summer. Let's look at 2014 new fashion handbags, chanel bag color detonated summer.In simplistic design of the bag lock, so that the bag is more practical. Color is using a distinctive red and green colors, contrast and impressive.welcome to have a look at the shoes.

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According suitcase improved by package type, reducing the bag body more practical, outside the package is a lot of stamps collage stressed "travel" theme, including this very fashion Chanel Handbags wind.Gray leather texture simple fashion package, the biggest feature is simple and color combinations. Gray leather bag, pink leather sideways, with a classic big wind.Chanel Bag type, but very good, stiff whether you pretend not to hold things are like, oh, moderate carrying capacity is also very comfortable!fashion small square package with representatives of spring green color, style is very simple, feels very fresh and absolutely super wild style,Rivet leather bag, chains and rivets are made of pale gold plated, small and lightweight bag style more suitable for summer use!Lionhead leather treasure chest, bag hardware and workmanship are very solid. Lionhead side of the British feel very domineering!

Chanel Bags Australia Online

Everyone has their own hearts for fashion positioning, some people like sweet euro style, some people like European fashion style, take a look at it today, British fashion bag, like a hurry to buy Chanel Australia.College Wind fashion bag, package type is the square cross-section, more British classical temperament, soft dough material addictive.Pure, Quilted, car suture, chains, are fashion elements, together highlight is a refreshing feeling fresh.Candy-colored bag has been loved by the girls, show pretty feeling, is an essential summer ladies bags. Today, we introduce several sweet air bags, allows you to transform Beautiful Bride.Package type is very elegant, red dots and bow embellishment, showing pretty sweet feeling. Candy green, patent leather chain design,luxury fashion, big bow embellishment, sweet and pretty. Candy purple, oval design, cute, star strap embellishment, adding dynamic spirit!

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Exquisite embroidery craft, diamond pattern with shiny gems, creating a visually stunning three-dimensional bump, depicting an elegant patchwork arrangement of the theme. Traditional Scottish Diamondbacks are repeated use, under the careful design and matching, can radiate a unique charm. Shell upstart fashion styling, perfect shells arc, simple lines sketched out a deep breath of the sea irresistible.


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